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Our partner relationships are strong and long-lasting with the joint vision of delivering the very best with every project.

It is through these partner relationships that we have the ability to draw in the right expertise for the project as well as ensure full control over quality and delivery time, thus enabling a more efficient and reliable turnover of housing projects. Introducing our strategic partners & suppliers:

Strategic Partners


Established in 2014, Q.C.J Homes is an accelerating construction firm based in Auckland. Proudly providing residential construction, quantity surveys and project management services.

Q.C.J Homes is licensed as LBP Site Category 1 & 2 with New Zealand‘s Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment.

A proud member of Registered Master Builder; Q.C.J Homes builds approximately 25 houses every year around Auckland region.  Known for their professionalism and responsible, can-do attitude. Trusted by clients and partners alike. Building with integrity is at the heart of Q.C.J Homes.

From smartly designed terrace housing, to spacious single dwellings their vision remains; to turn a dream home into reality. Providing an enjoyable and stress free experience from design to finish.




Concept Kitchen is one of the best regarded and respected firms, and considered the leading Asian kitchen design and manufacturer in the Auckland and Christchurch regions. Specialising in residential projects, offering a full-service solution for both the development and renovation market. For over 20 years, Concept Kitchen has worked alongside homeowners and property developers, to create their dream kitchen solution. Their diverse expertise and multitude of successful experience is what set the business apart.

Discover our difference.
Technological and social advances have revolutionised contemporary kitchen design in ways never imagined, yet the role of this subtle and functional space has never changed: “kitchen; where all the caring is done, is the heart of the home”. 
At Concept, crafting the heart of the home, is what drives us. The name ‘Concept’ represents our focus toward the design that goes into taking a typically functional space and bringing it to life.  We work alongside our clients to understand their vision, values and experience and bring these individual and unique elements into the kitchen design to truly create the heart of their home.


What we offer
From planning, design, installation and maintenance, wrapped up with a comprehensive five-year warranty; our tailored solutions mean we step you through each of these stages, working closely with our passionate, experienced and talented designers and our qualified and skilled craftsman to create your dream kitchen. 
Crafted using the finest materials and the latest technologies, in line with individual requirements to deliver your dream solution, on time and on budget. Our highly effective and dedicated management team ensure the promise of premium service is delivered each and every time, every step of the way.




LX Homes Limited; a long-standing construction firm based in Auckland.  Established in 2005, LX Homes offer site analysis, feasibility studies, preliminary design studies, building and resource consenting.


Specialising in residential and commercial projects since 2005, focused in Central, West and North Auckland regions including Whenuapai, Kumeu, Gulf Harbour, Silverdale and Orewa.


lxhomes@yahoo.co.nz or call 021 468 946


J.V.C. is a group of experienced architects, engineers and project managers offering architectural services for small to large scale residential projects.

At JVC we provide excellent design services and are committed to making every project a success. We work closely to understand your needs and provide onsite solutions to ensure an innovative yet practical design is achieved.



New Home; a leading residential and commercial building decoration supplies firm, based in Auckland. With over 15 years’ experience delivering a full range of materials and supplies to high-end residences and commercial buildings, Including the undertaking of large-scale projects such as, “Ascotia VR Hotel” to high-end renovation projects, while also offering supporting services for construction and property development firms.

Our team of experienced professionals are committed to delivering a high-quality service at every stage of the development. Our integral understanding of the structure of a building; the design, temperament style, water and electricity installation specifications means we are able to guarantee our solutions are accurate and reliable ensuring a high-quality standard construction from the inside out.

Our services include:

·  High-end commercial, civil decoration, renovation, design, renovation projects;

·  Bathroom design and construction;

·  Glass engineering design and construction;

·  Building and construction remediation.

For more information, please call: 0211945288

Strategic Suppliers


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